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Trading List

Click HERE for my audio/video trading site.

Comment in this post if interested.

Ali x

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ooooh you have video of Megan and Idina DG?! And Norbert singing Rent songs! :O wooow! Is there any chance we could trade? My list is
Sure, i'll have a look at your site now :)
Bollox, i've just noticed that the Megan and Idina DG is Audio sorry. Let me know if you still want it.

Could I trade you 'WICKED BROADWAY – 6.4.04 (Kristin on vicodin/messup performance)' for the Norbert songs?

Let me know :) x

(& btw, where did you get all these? There's loads! lol)


January 8 2007, 19:55:34 UTC 10 years ago

I've just noticed you have Idina's last curtain call, does that include Joe Mantello's speech about her? Id so could we include that? <--- your audio
Clearly that was me! Sorry!
Thats okay :)

So which audio's do you want all together?

& that link says the file is not availible.
Norbert's One Song Glory and What You Own and Idina's last curtain call

Arrgh sorry about that, I'll just put it up :)
You have Norbert singing Rent songs! -giddy squee- and the audio of Joe Mantello's speech? Could I trade you those for the January 9th 2005 performance of wicked that you wanted (am I right about that)?
Be you talking to me or Rach?
The comment above was to you Ali. lol. My list is in my journal, think its the most recent post if there's something else you want. I also have some audio of Sho but not sure if you already have them.
Is the 9th of January performance of Wicked Idina's last? (with Sho doing most of it?) If so i'll gladly swap the audios you want for it :)
Can I trade you Annalene's first for your Kerry audios from the 1st of January and your Kerry video?
Yey *jumps up and down* thanks hun :) I'll upload for you now.
I have Eden video (with Megan! :D)! And uploading Kristin's last tonight chick :D